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Discord: The Public HF Discord

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @HabboFests


Reponses via the methods mentioned above typically take up to 8 hours to be responded to. However depending on the method used, varies the average wait time, more urgent matters may be prioritised.

Habbo Customer Service






If you have any questions regarding Habbo please contact your local customer service, directly, by clicking the hotel below.











Business ID: 2011433-9

Media Email: [email protected]

Job Opportunties: [email protected]

Tel: +358 10 656 7000

Fax: +358 10 656 7010

Website: Sulake.com 


Sulake Oy

Kaarlenkatu 11

00530 Helsinki



All Habbo related questions have been requested to be sent to the local Habbo customer service, by clicking the appropriate link above.



If you feel the need to contact a representative from HabboFests, then we want to be able to ensure that you get a quick and appropriate response. In order to help us to ensure that our submissions are responded to as quickly as possible, we ask that all Habbo.com issues or directly revelvant issues are sent directly to them via their custom service system or using the contact details, provided below.

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