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[HabboQuests] Saving the Planet
19 days ago

Room Information

Room Owner: dolphingirl99945
Room Name: [HQ] Saving the Planet

Click on the room name to be taken to the room directly!


Step 1

Upon entering the room, wait for the gates to open.
Walk up to Greta and say 'yes!' to be teleported.
Double click the teleporter as shown to be taken to the next room.





Step 2

Double click the levers highlighted below by standing infront or or next to them.
When all levers have been flicked, the first tile will turn green and you can use the arrow plates to teleport to the next section.





Step 3

When in the Kitchen, simply walk around and aim to walk on the moving food scraps and trash.
Once all of these have been 'collected', this room's tile will turn Green. Walk on the arrow tile to be taken back to the living area.
You may now stand on the other arrow tile to be teleported to the bathroom, providing the tile is still green.

If the tile in the living area is not green anymore, repeat step 2 and 3 to turn both tiles green.




Step 4

When teleported to the bathroom, walk into the shower as shown below.
When the tiles in all 3 rooms are green, type 'done' to be taken to the teleporter.
Double click the teleporter to progress to the next stage.





Step 5

Upon entering the next room, wait patiently for your turn in the queue.
When your turn arrives, you will need to double click the switches (highlighted below) in the order of the tiles to move the crab along to the end of the course.
Flick the switch corresponding to the colour that the crab is currently on to move forward - be aware if you make a mistake, the crab will be sent back to the start!
You have 30 seconds to complete this. 
You'll be taken to a teleporter as shown below. Double click this to move forward to the next room.





Step 6

You'll see 5 paper/book items rolling across the floor of this next room. You need to click and stand on all of them, to send them to the tiles (as shown) before the timer hits 00:00!
Once this is complete, type 'done' and double click the teleporter as illustrated.





Step 7

Make your way across the roller maze, being careful not to fall off of the rollers or stand on the red tile - this will send you back to the beginning!
In order to be taken to the teleporter, you'll need to double click the well as shown to get water, before walking off of the rollers at the end.
Double click the teleporter to advance to the next stage,





Step 8

Wait for your turn in the queue as before. Once it is your turn, you'll need to click the yellow flowers in the order illustrated below. 
Bare in mind you'll need to continuously click the flowers until they move, as sometimes a single double click won't do it!
Be quick! - You have 30 seconds to get these flowers to the tiles, then return to the stump and type " *search* " to be taken to the next teleporter.

Enter the teleporter, and walk onto any of the lilly pads to collect your badge!





Congratulations on your new badge! 
Let us know what your views on global warming are below, and we're intregued to know what you thought about this maze!

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Thanks for the guide! It seems to have some cute rooms, but I feel like this is just like 1000 other mazes that I've partaken in xD
Rupert 19 days ago

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