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How To Play

HabboFests prides itself in hosting fun and exciting events. Here are some of the more standard games, and how to play them:

Heaven or Hell:
When the game starts, the host will drop a banzai tile in the game area. Players should then walk onto the banzai tile and will get teleported to either Heaven or Hell. Heaven keeps the player safe, and Hell returns the player outside of the game area. The last player to remain in Heaven wins.

Prize Counter:
The host will drop a banzai. You need to step onto the banzai and teleport to different prizes and hope you're not one of those unlucky people who teleport outside of the game. This process will continue until the final player is left in the game area! You will then win the prize with the highest number!

The host will start the game and furniture will start moving around the game area. If you touch the furniture, you will automatically teleport out of the game into the lobby. Each round the host will add more moving furniture into the game zone. Try not to get touched by the moving furniture and make it to the designated area.

Add It Up:
The host will have 3 dice in front of them and when everyone's ready (including the host) they will roll the 3 dice. Before they roll the dice the host will announce "WD" or "Rolling". The first player to add up the sum of all 3 dice will be able to kick someone out of the game. Last one standing is the winner!

Banzai Big Brother:
The host will start the game and go onto a banzai. Whichever chair the host lands on first will get HOH (Head of household) which is the green tile.The with that tile in front of them gets to decide two nominees to be put up for eviction. A red tile will be placed in front of the nominees to signify that they have been nominated for eviction. If the host lands on the same person twice in a row for Head of Household, the host will redo and find another Head of Household to land on.The host will then step onto the banzai again to see who will be the POV (Power of Veto) who chooses if they get to save a nominee or not change the Head of Households first chosen nominees. The Power of Veto tile is yellow. If a player is saved, the Head of Household will have to choose a new nominee to be put up for eviction (this is not including the saved nominee or the POV). The host will then banzai to the evictor who decides which of the nominees will be eliminated. The evictor is the blue tile. This pattern will continue until there is only 4 players left and then POV will be discontinued for the rest of the game.The HOH will choose 2 people as nominees like usual and without POV, it'll skip to the evictor. After the evictor chooses who they wanted to evict, there will then be 3 players left in the game. This time there is pretty much no evictor. The host will step on the banzai to choose who the HOH will be. The HOH the host lands on is who will be able to choose who they want to be in the finals with them. Now there is only two people so the host now has to step on the banzai 5 times for each player. First player to 5 points wins!

Flower Cart Races:
Flower Cart Races is a game where you are required to race from your seat to the flower cart and get the flower the host has announced in the chat before the other team. The cycle continues until the last player is left in the game. The last person to get back to their seat is eliminated from the game.

Choose a team: Red, Yellow, Blue or Green. Every time has up to 5 players. The aim of the game is to make snowballs to get the other team(s) out and so yours is the last one standing. In order to do that you need to double click the floor to make snowballs. If you tend to blow up blocks, collect the power-ups that lie within the blocks. The team with the most points at the end wins the game.

Mole Game: The game should start with all the players seated. The host will then whisper a random player letting them know that they are the "mole", the mole should then reply with who they want to kick from the game. The other players must then guess who the mole is and vote through whisper to the host, if the majority is correct then the mole should leave the game. 

 When the game starts, players will be sitting down. The host will then say a topic, such as color. Players then guess a keyword for that topic, such as red. If players guess the keyword correct, they will port to a safe area. The last person to guess the keyword right or still sitting in the main area is out. The last player in the safe area wins.

Bank Game: When the game starts, players will be sitting down. The host will drop a dice next to each player in order. Players then roll the dice. Each of the numbers on the dice do something specific, which the host will indicate when playing. The last player still in the game wins the amount of coins that are in front of them at the end.

Balloon Game: Once the game begins, all players should be coordinated by their balloon colour, which they should now be holding. The host should then pick their own balloon and all users holding that balloon should leave the game. The final user to be in the game wins.


Don't Hit My Wall: All players should be seated. The host will then roll a dice, from 1-6, the seat with that number (left to right normally) will then move one space forward. It is the task of the players to always have a seat, that's as far back from the wall as possible, this can be achieved by stealing seats of other players whilst their seat is moved. However users may have penalties or lose if the move off their seat before the dice is rolled (depending on the host), the person that doesn't hit the wall (is last to) wins the game. 


Giveaway: All giveaways vary massively, but normally a giveaway is formed by a line, which users queue in before doing any of the following; picking a furniture to have, stepping on a banzai which teleports to what they win (or nothing), rolling a dice and then doing one of the actions mentioned or having to mention which song is currently playing on a specific radio, or even having to whisper a code, which has been aired.


Danger Zone: All users enter the playing game, users don't have to sit down, but may chose to stand. The game will then start and objects will begin to be automatically placed, using wired. These objects will then chase you, if you get touched by one you'll be teleported out of the room. As the game continues more objects will be placed, until only 10 seconds or a similar timing is left, then a gate should open and the winning user must reach it in the remaining time to win.


Fridge Game: When the game begins, all players will be seated. Players should then take turns, in a rotary system to "use" the pura fridge. When picking a carrot the user should exit the game, as he/she has lost. If a drink is chosen the user is safe and may play another round, an icecream and the play must chose another player to remove from the game. The last user playing wins, the final round may work differently, according to the host.


Falling Furni: When the game starts, the host will drop random furni in the game area that players can stand or sit on. When dropped the players then rush onto the random furni, the last person to stand/sit on the furni is out. Depending on the host, there may be special actions for the last remaining 4, 3, or 2 players. The last player in the game wins.


Cozzie Change: When the game starts, players will be sitting down. The host will say a topic, such as superheroes. Players then dress up as that topic, such as Superman. Once done changing, players must stand up, and can not double change, unless approved by the host. Once all the players are standing, the host will choose their favorite looks to sit. Depending on the host, there may be a vote between the last 2 standing. The last player in the game wins.


Danger Pod/Tiles: When the game starts, the host will pick danger chairs (usually color pods) or tiles. The host will drop a banzai tile in the game area. Players then walk onto the banzai tile and will get teleported to one of the many chairs or tiles. If a player lands on the chosen danger chair or tile, they are teleported out of the game. The last player in the game wins.

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