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Forum Policy

Account Rules


1a) Multiple Accounts – Members and supporters of HabboFests are only allowed to have one account. To ensure multiple accounts are not created, we will apply bans to specific accounts should this issue arise. Users that seek to continuously create multiple account will receive a permanent ban on their primary account.


1b. Evading a Ban – We a ZERO tolerance for those seeking to evade a ban at HabboFests, which has been issued on your account. Accounts are always banned for a reason, and it is important to utilize the correct ban appeal process by contacting a forum moderator, who may decide to follow up on dispute and pass it onto an admin. Please do so via either, our public discord, private message or any other form of contact. All accounts that are made in breach of this rule will be permanently banned.


1c. Disobeying Moderator Instructions – Moderators are respected members of the HabboFests staff team. To perform their jobs and uphold our rules, moderators may give instructions via private message or in moderator messages within posts. You are not allowed to reverse a moderator’s action, regardless of your opinion on their action. This could be in the form of editing, reposting or recreating content. If you have a problem with a moderator’s action, contact the Forum Admin. To avoid any doubt, this rule applies equally to the actions of the HabboFests owner, managers and other staff/personnel.


1d. Reporting Posts – We encourage everybody to report any content you see that is breaking our rules, to help further assist our moderating team to handle it. You can do this by contacting a forum moderator. Please do not abuse this system as moderators may take action on repeat offenders.


1e. Reputation System – We reserve the right to remove any given reputation from any users’ account. This includes pointless and abusive remarks made through reputation comments.


Private Information


2a. Personal Information Belonging to Others – It’s against our rules to release personal information belonging to others. This includes (but not limited to) passwords, email addresses, social media accounts and contacts, personal photos, location information, and phone numbers and any other personnal details that should be conceled. 


2b. Personal Information Belonging to You – It’s acceptable to publish your own personal details. This includes (but not limited to) photos, social media accounts and your email address. However, all published content must not be able to be used to identify you.  All content published under this rule can be removed upon request to our Moderation Team.




3a. Insulting Others and Rude Behavior – At HabboFests we don't tolerate trolling or bullying, although there is nothing wrong with having an opinion (whether good or bad) and discussing that opinion constructively (by providing substance through valid points), but personally attacking others by using personal insults, comments attacking another’s intelligence or discriminating against another’s beliefs will not be tolerated - although entitled to your opinion, it doesn’t mean it should be stated, our forum moderation team will assess threads and posts to ensure everybody enjoys their time in HabboFests. Respect others views and opinion even if you disagree with them. 


3b. Bullying, Flaming, Trolling and Harassment – as previously stated, we do not tolerate bullying, flaming, trolling and harassment in any capacity. You are NOT allowed to target, gang up on, defame, troll, harass, or put down the personal character of another.


Content Creation 


4a. Spam and Off Topic Remarks – All comments deemed to be spam and off-topic will be deleted and all users who continually post off-topic messages will be warned or infracted. Threads or posts made in the incorrect forum will simply be moved without punishment. Bumping threads is perfectly acceptable, and is encouraged, provided that new information is added to the thread. Users who bump threads without adding to the topic will have their content deleted.


4b. Double Posting – Do not post the same (spam) consecutively. The edit function remains available and can be accessed by clicking the “edit” button that appears on your own post. Generally, double posts will simply be merged without punishment, but continually disobeying this rule may see you subject to moderator action.


4c. Posting Links – Do not post content that is sexually graphic, illegal, explicitly violent, or violates any of the published forum rules. Moderators will use their discretion, depending on the frequency and severity of the offense, to determine the appropriate punishment.


4d. Posting Torrents – Posting torrents are not allowed. Moderators will temporary ban any users posting torrents on the HabboFests forums, depending on the frequency of this rule being broken will lead to a permanent ban.


4f. Advertising – It is acceptable to advertise products and services, if the thread is in the correct forums (for example, trade threads). However, it is unacceptable to advertise other Habbo Fansites and users that engage in this behavior will be issued a warning or an infraction. Avatars and Signatures – Please do not select an avatar or signature that is exceedingly large or which feature obscene content (pornography, models posing in sexual positions). Images that are not sexual in nature are fine and include such examples as clothed models of men (shirtless is fine) or women (bikinis are fine). Moderators will determine what is appropriate, using discretion.


Specific Forum Rules


5. Breaking Specific Forum Rules – Some forums at HabboFests have additional rules which content can be published in a specific forum, or how content should be posted. You are expected to follow forum specific rules at all times. If specific forum rules apply to a forum, a stuck thread will appear at the top of the thread list.


Illegal Behaviour


6. Hacking and Scripting - Do not attempt to brute force, hack, or script any site or feature on http://habbofests.com (this includes the main website, all attached sub-directories, and all alternative HabboFests controlled domains). We also do not allow discussion of hacking or scripting.

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