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Site Versions

New Feature - LOA/Trial Logging

A new LOA and Trial logging system has been added to the admin panel.

monkeymanbubby 10/10/2019

Improvement - Habboween Theme

The 2019 habboween site theme has been uploaded and created.

monkeymanbubby 7/10/2019
Improvement - Events Moving

Edited events were previously moving down the booked events page on the admin panel, this has now been fixed.

monkeymanbubby 05/10/2019
Improvement - Quest Headers Readded

Quest headers were readded to the V1.1.

xAliBey 28/09/2019
Bug Fix - Introduce Yourself Forum Bug

The introduce yourself forum thread has now been fixed and won't redirect to an error page.

monkeymanbubby 28/09/2019

Improvement - Wired Page Split

The wired page has now been split in half and a new 'Tips and Tricks' section has been added.

monkeymanbubby 26/09/2019
New Feature - Artist Image

Artist Picture added to the player! This gives a nice finishing touch!

emeraldau2017 25/09/2019
New Feature - Forum Staff Colours

VIP forum banners have been added and a variety of colours and gifs, these can now be added via the staff panel.

monkeymanbubby 23/09/2019
Improvement - Forum Staff Colours

Colours have been added to the forums, staff profiles!

monkeymanbubby 23/09/2019

Improvement - Forum and Text Colours Matched

We've changed the blue hex for the forum banners and the site's titles so they match the HF blue.

monkeymanbubby 01/09/2019
Improvement - Staff Page Background Removed

Whilst we work on a more professional format for the staff page we've removed the background images and we've centralised the Habbo avatars that appear.

monkeymanbubby 01/09/2019
Improvement - Header Rearrangement

The header has been reduced in height, the furniture scanner was moved from the right to the left side and the logo centralised between the radio and banner slider.

monkeymanbubby 01/09/2019
Bug Fix - Habbo News Showing Media

The Habbo News page was showing irl media news , it has now been fixed so that it only shows Habbo news.

monkeymanbubby 21/08/2019
New Feature - Radio Widget

A radio widget to embed into sites has been added to the associates page.

TheJackD 21/08/2019
New Feature - User Search

A user search box has been added to the footer of the site.

TheJackD 20/08/2019
New Feature - Replies Count On Profiles

A reply count has been added to forum profiles on the side of forum posts.

Jackuff 19/08/2019
Bug Fix - News Page Search

The Habbo news page previously wasn't brining up search results, this has now been fixed.

monkeymanbubby 19/08/2019
New Feature - Quick Furniture Scanner

The badge scanner in the header has now been swapped with a furniture scanner.

monkeymanbubby 18/08/2019
Improvement - Replies Added To Forum Feed

Thread replies now show on the forums feed on the home page.

Jackuff 17/08/2019
Bug Fix - Furniture Scanner

The furniture scanner was previously not bringing up furniture when the search function was used, this has now been fixed.

monkeymanbubby 17/08/2019
New Feature - Forum Index

A forum index has now been added, which will appear on all threads, allowing users to navigate more easily.

Jackuff 15/08/2019
Improvement - Upcoming Events Sidebar Image

A fixed image now appears on the upcoming event's sidebar, as hosts previously had to upload an image of their own, which was not always the most pleasing to the eye.

monkeymanbubby 12/08/2019
New Feature - Versions Page

A new website page, situated in the footer of the site, displaying the HabboFests site's most recent updates, bug fixes and new features.

emeraldau2017 9/08/2019


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