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The Habbo Way


Since 2012 Habbo’s moderation system has continued to run solely on their code of conduct, which they named “The Habbo Way”.

Being aware of the Habbo Way is essential for every Habbo. Well there’s not much to say… It stops us saying BOBBA. We’ve all been in those awkward conversations. The Habbo Way is designed to reduce scamming, bullying and cheating by putting in place a set of guidelines, it’s your whether choice to follow them or not, but let's just say Habbo doesn’t take kindly to those that ignore their advice, so expect some unpleasant moderations.


The Habbo Guidelines





Chat: Get to learn your fellow Habbos, ask them questions, have a laugh, talk about what you love, be open minded and make friends.



Create: Be creative, get out your little tool kit and get building, make a zoo, build a shop, make a masterpiece of Frank, be creative and get building!



Help: Help your fellow Habbos out, when they’re lost, when they’re upset, when they just need a bit of a duck funk laugh about, be there for your friends.



Trade: Be honest, bargain some great deals, trade junk, trade norms, trade rares, get rich, set up shops with your friends and become a mulicreditaire.



Play and Host Games: Get out the “game ball”, play your favourite game, host games, create competitions, make friends.

Make Friends: Make friends, contact your old ones, be nice and make your own little community, one person can make a big difference. Look at Frank.



Troll: A laugh is a laugh, but let's not go too far, after all no one likes a troll!



Scam Or Script: Be creative, don’t steal other people's ideas, be unique and then everyone’s happy.


Trick Or Cheat: You’ll lose a lot more than you’ll gain, friends a reputation and perhaps even your account, it’s not worth the risk.



Sell For Real Money: Don’t sell or trade for real money, it’s risky and what’s worth more than credits anyway?


Place Or Accept Bets: Don’t risk what you’ve already so desperately earned, don’t use randomises with the possibility to place bet. Anyway someone always loses.


Cyber: No one gains anything from being mean. So don’t do it, "your worst enemy is your best friend”.



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